What to put on a lick mat for dogs?

What to put on a lick mat for dogs?

Posted by Poko and Oki on 23rd Feb 2023

You've come to the right place if you're wondering what to put on a licking mat.

licking mat is an excellent way to soothe and calm your dog, and it's also a great way to help them stay healthy.

Licking is a normal behavior in dogs; dogs who are stressed or anxious may lick more frequently than usual, which is why we recommend spreading your dog's favorite soft treat across the surface of the mat; it promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth, and gums, stimulates saliva to aid digestive health, keeps your dog busy and engaged.

The types of treats you use will depend on your pet's preferences. But here are some commonly used treats to put on a lick mat for dogs:

  • Peanut Butter, can be frozen for longer lasting fun
  • Greek Yogurt (also can be frozen)
  • Applesauce
  • Pumpkin puree
  • Canned Tuna
  • Ground meat, chicken, beef or salmon!
  • Small dog treats like training treats
  • Minced vegetables like carrots and potatoes
  • Minced fruit like pears, apples and bananas
  • Dog biscuits or crunchy sticks treats

You can make your dog's food more interesting by adding a variety of ingredients and textures; If you want to keep your dog's calorie count in check, use only a small amount of a few ingredients.