How to become an eco-friendly pet owner

How to become an eco-friendly pet owner

Posted by Poko and Oki on 26th Jul 2022

Here are five easy ways to start

Use what you have

This seems pretty obvious, but think of all the clothing you have that isn't even good for donating or all the extra grocery bags you don't need; we can reduce our waste by reusing it, clothing as fillers for your pet's bed or for that ripped off toy; grocery bags can be cut into smaller poop bags or turned into kitty litter mats.

Use planet-friendly poop bags

If you have dogs, you use at least one poop bag a day; imagine all the single-use plastic that this is. Give all your plastic bags from packaging or grocery bags a second use by converting them to poop bags, or you can shop for eco-friendly options like poop bags made from recycled post-consumer plastic or compostable that are plant-based (which doesn't mean you have to compost), but they will actually break down into dirt, not microplastics.

Mend & Repair

What happens when we see that favorite toy all over the living room? Yes, sometimes we get angry that it only lasts 5 minutes, but try to give it a second life by repairing it; It probably won't be complete, but your pet will still love it, and you'll extend its lifespan until it's just a little cuddly arm or head LOL. (Remember to supervise your pet during play)

Donate old pet gear

Consider donating those toys your fur baby no longer plays with, or those beautiful clothes that no longer fit him, or that bed, gear, all the stuff you don't use can be a lot of help for shelters that are always in need of new things.

Shop sustainable

Look for environmentally conscious products made by small businesses or sustainable brands; now, you can more easily find products with sustainable values and made responsibly; many small shops and retailers incorporate eco-friendly options, such as essentials with organic ingredients, accessories made with upcycled or recycled materials, food and treats sustainably made and more